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June 11, 2019

'The Spheres: Book 1' is now available!

Ned Dole and his wife, Vivian, live on a farm in Lebanon, Kansas. A spontaneous combustion appears on their lawn one day, shaped perfectly in a circle, and upon further inspection a hole in the very center of the circle is discovered by Ned. He decides to dig the hole deeper, literally, and discovers an otherworldly sphere-shaped device. Two other fires occur at different locations across the U.S., also with Spheres buried beneath the sites, and they are confiscated almost immediately by the FBI. Later, 'The Rectangle', a power source which features three indentations that seem to be able to host the three Spheres, appears. Ned, fearing the potential dangers that may occur if all three Spheres are met, decides to smuggle his out of Kansas, and the FBI's interest in the Dole couple begins after they are tipped by the State Police of Kansas with photos of their lawn, taken from the day of the first combustion. And then the hunt for Ned begins...

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