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A Brief Memoir: Vail, Colorado

Posted on June 10, 2019 at 11:30 PM

I would be lying if I said the slogan for Vail wasn’t absolutely perfect. It truly is “like no other place on Earth-” of course, most people who have been here should know that, and the ones who have heard of it but haven’t been here probably know it for its impeccable skiing, but it contains so much more than that. I really want to emphasize the beauty of the town itself; the architecture, the people, the creeks, the botany...The first time I visited Vail (only 2 months before I moved out full-time for the next 4 years), I had this feeling of home right off the bat. But this is something you need to experience by visiting, to believe it. It is a very hard feeling to describe in words.


The town of Vail is ‘in-season’ year-round (‘off-season’ is only referred to mid or late April to around Thanksgiving, when the mountain opens again- ‘off-season’ = skiing not available), and there always seems to be something going on, or something to do here. It’s no wonder that “come for the winter, stay for the summer” is such a commonly-used phrase among the locals. Every season is beautiful, and has its perks. The magic-like aurora, or ‘vibe’ of the town seems to inevitably make every moment you spend in it more enjoyable, and more memorable.

I have taken some of my favorite photographs in this town; I have fallen in love in this town; I have had my heart broken in this town; I have some of the most fond memories of my life that have taken place in this town, and met some of the best people I know in this town. Vail will always hold a warm spot in my heart, and I hope to visit Vail at least once a year, every year, for as long as I possibly (physically) can. I absolutely adore Vail, and I think you are really missing out on something special if you don’t pay a visit here at least once in your life.

April 26, 2019

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