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Posted on June 12, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The Spheres: Book 1 is officially published and ready to be purchased and read by the public. I am quite happy with the results, and there will most definitely be a second book, hopefully out by the end of the year, but I must make sure I take my time with the second one as compared to the first. I wrote Book 1 in 36 days, and published it just days after the completion. The first book isn't perfect; nevertheless, I am still pleased with what I put out. I will eventually update the manuscript on Amazon to fix errors, but for now, I'm enjoying the success it's had thus far (being only published for a day), and it's nice to sit back and take a breath, and it's nice to be back to reality (whatever that may be) again. Almost every minute of my free time in the past month has been spent thinking, writing, editing or revising sections of the book, and I am in shock with not only how quickly I completed this book, but that I am technically now considered to be a published author. It feels pretty good, I must say...

An excerpt from the Author's Notes at the end of the book:

"This is the first novel I have ever written. It is very far from perfect. It is far from being accurately realistic in a lot of cases. And that’s fine to me..."

And that pretty much sums it up, for now. Thanks for the support. I hope this book delivers for you. And if not, well, there will be more. And maybe I can win you over with those. But, as they say, 'you gotta start somewhere...'


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